Travel across Southeast Asia in just a few clicks


BANGKOK — Southeast Asia is one of the world’s busiest travel destination today. And with the Association of Southeast Asian Nation (Asean) Economic Integration moving forward, more and more tourists will find their way to Southeast Asia.


But while the dynamic region proved to be an attractive tourist magnet, it is also one the most difficult to navigate.


Travel isn’t just about booking your plane ticket and hotel. Planning for a trip entails a tedious research on your destination and how to get there. It goes down to the very intricate details of finding transportation to move you around the city or transfers to other places or if you are in the well-connected Asean, your next country of destination.


And with Southeast Asia still being fixated with traditional modes of transportation, moving around Asean can be quite difficult for inexperienced foreigners. Timetables and route schedules are not published and you can barely find them on the internet.


There are language barriers and dealing with operators and ticketing agencies can be cumbersome. Or worse, you can be scammed or overcharged by scalpers taking advantage of tourists.


A multi-awarded startup wants to challenge that.


Here comes 12Go.Asia (pronounced like “want to go”), an e-ticketing platform for all forms of public transportation across Southeast Asian countries.


Founded in 2012, Singapore-based is now operating in at least eight Asean countries namely, Malaysia, Thailand Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore and the Philippines. Its main operation is in Bangkok, Thailand, a bustling travel and tourism hub in Asia.


Since its founding, the e-ticketing platform, which targets 95% of Westerners, has served 500,000 travelers already.


The platform works with over 400 railways, ferries, buses, flight, transfers and vans, and other tour operators.


Making the traditional efficient hopes to build from the tricky traditional mode of transportations in Asia by helping it become efficient by infusing technology and building data systems.


While the locals may be adept with the traditional routes and transport systems in their respective countries, the system or the lack of system can be confusing for foreign visitors.


At present, the platform allows users to book intercity transfers and international connections ahead of their of time or at least a day before departure. This makes travel planning easy.


For example, one can arrive in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and visit Singapore as well by booking an international bus for as low as P 622.00 or $ 12.8.


In Bangkok, considered to be an major transportation hub, one can go to cities in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam by booking direct or combination of different transportation modes such as trains and VIP buses.


Flights can also be booked on the platform, making it a single entry point passengers, operators and agents.


“Our ultimate goal is to connect door-to-door the whole ASEAN region from transfers to flights under the same standard ticket. This is why our team is managing and connecting operators from many countries Asia with customers from all over the world,” said in a statement.

Just show up

Booking is easy. Just log on to and choose your departure city and destination. Click on the dates and presto, you will be provided with transport options to choose from. Payment can be through credit cards or Paypal.

The platform allows users to book in their preferred language and currency.

After a successful payment, you will receive a voucher which you will use to claim your seat or ticket depending on the mode of transportation. For buses, you may just present a printed copy of your voucher or show the e-ticket on your smartphone or tablet.

However, some transportations modes like trains in Bangkok for example still require the physical ticket. But worry not, secures it for you and you may claim the ticket in their office at the railway stations.

With more operators working with and more passengers booking, the young company hopes to build an efficient transport network in Southeast Asia that traveling easy for locals and tourists alike.

‘The Next Big Thing’: Power Mac Center Spotlight presents Romantic Restored Films from all Decades

If you’re looking for a unique entertainment experience, look no further than Circuit Makati. The renowned entertainment district, known for hosting most of the country’s biggest concerts and events has now partnered with ABS-CBN Sagip Pelikula to introduce a one-of-a-kind film night– Spotlight Movie Box, a movie experience for avid fans of Philippine cinema.

On October 14 to 15, romantic movie fans get to enjoy their favorite local cult hits at the Power Mac Center Spotlight for an exclusive movie-marathon featuring romantic classics like Nasaan Ka Man, Got2Believe, Forevermore, and One More Chance.

Power Mac Center Spotlight, is an intimate and flexible performance venue designed to offer one-of-a-kind experience for audiences.

“We’ve rounded up these all-time romantic films for a one-off movie screening inside the Power Mac Center Spotlight—a venue known mostly for hosting theater performances, and have now converted into a cinema house just for the occasion,” explains Mel Ignacio, Assistant Vice President of Ayala Land “Our intent is to show the versatility and possibilities that our venue could offer.”

One More Chance, directed by Cathy Garcia Molina stars John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonza, Derek Ramsay and Maja Salvador and tells the story of a long time couple who go on their separate ways but is given a second chance at love. Got 2 Believe is a classic 00s hit starring Claudine Baretto and Rico Yan, which tells the story of a cynical photographer who meets a wedding planner who changes his mind about the idea of ‘happily ever after.’ Forevermore, starring Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa tells the romantic story of a young engineer who returns to his hometown where a woman who has been in-love with him since childhood is given a chance to spark a romance. And Nasaan Ka Man, a romantic thriller with stellar performances from Claudine Baretto and and Jericho Rosales.

There’s definitely a lot to look forward to in Circuit Makati in the coming months. Whether you’re an avid movie-goer, a fan of Philippine cinema or simply out to exploring hidden gems of the city’s premier entertainment district.

Feed maker PFMC responds to gov’t call for agri development


Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio (right) joins the Excel Feeds team led by Engr. Terence Uygongco, Philippine Foremost Milling Corp. VP-Trade-Feeds during the 19th Davao Agri Trade Expo.

The Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation (PMFC), one of the country’s leading flour and animal feed makers, has responded to President Duterte’s call on the private sector to help more livestock raisers, fisherfolk and farmers.

PFMC officials said the company is expanding its existing micro-entrepreneurial program called “Pig Tiwala” to cover more areas in Luzon and benefit more hog raisers.

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio (right) joins the Excel Feeds team led by Engr. Terence Uygongco, Philippine Foremost Milling Corp. VP-Trade-Feeds during the 19th Davao Agri Trade 2016, “Pig Tiwala” provides qualified hog raisers 20 heads of piglets including hog feeds to grow them. Through the program, a hog raiser is entrusted with a value of as much as P175,000 per growing cycle. The company gets paid only upon harvest and sale of grown fatteners.

On top of the seed capital, hog farmers are supplied basic vitamins, technical assistance by PFMC veterinarians, and marketing support to ensure good margins.

To date, “Pig Tiwala” has benefitted more than 400 hog raisers in Bulacan and Pampanga, but PMFC said it will expand the program to cover Laguna, Isabela and other parts of Luzon.

“We will continue this advocacy to promote the value of ‘tiwala’ and entrepreneurship to help Filipino hog farmers,” said Jojie Angeles, PFMC’s executive proponent.

PFMC’s shared value or investment in the program is now close to P116 million, an amount used for piglets and company manufactured hog feeds that have been distributed among its farmer-partners since the program started last year.

With more than 25 years in the industry, PFMC supports government’s mission to increase productivity and meet growing demand for meat and other food products.

A world-class manufacturer of quality animal feeds, PFMC’s known brands include Excel Feeds, Amigo, Lechon for swine, poultry and aqua, and Iron Claw for game fowl feeds.